School District of Manatee County

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Principal - Pool

at School District of Manatee County

Posted: 10/19/2017
Job Status: Contract/Temporary
Job Reference #: 17000010
Keywords: professional

Job Description






To provide the visionary leadership necessary to design, develop, and implement a comprehensive program of instructional and support services, which optimize available resources. Ultimately, the aim is to provide successful, high-quality experiences for students in a safe and orderly environment.



1.      Master's degree from an accredited educational institution.

2.      Certification in Educational Leadership and Level II School Principal.

3.      Three (3) years of successful administrative experience.

4.      Three (3) years of successful teaching experience.

5.      Completion of District's Principal Training Program.




Ability to prepare and manage the school's budget and allocated resources. Ability to read, interpret and enforce the State Board Rules, Code of Ethics, School Board policies, and other state and federal laws. Ability to effectively interview, select, coach, and evaluate personnel. Ability to effectively use personnel management and supervisory techniques. Ability to enforce collective bargaining agreements. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Ability to use public speaking skills, interaction skills, and problem-solving skills. Ability to analyze and use data. Knowledge of current educational trends and research. Ability to maintain a sensitivity to multicultural issues. Ability to manage the student curriculum, instruction, and assessment system. Knowledge and understanding of the unique needs and characteristics of high school students.




Executive Director of High Schools                                                                                                                        




Instructional, Support, Administrative, and Service Personnel assigned to the school



Instructional Program Management / Development

* (1)        Manage and administer the instructional program so as to ensure all students the

               opportunity to learn.

* (2)        Provide leadership and direction for the implementation and evaluation of curriculum

               and  instruction at the assigned school consistent with the District's goals and priorities.

* (3)        Use current research, performance data, and feedback from students, teachers, parents,

               and  community to make decisions related to improvement of instruction and student


* (4)        Oversee the administration of the testing program for the school.

* (5)        Provide for the articulation of the school's instructional program among school


* (6)        Oversee the selection and acquisition of instructional materials and equipment.

* (7)        Facilitate, coordinate, and monitor the implementation of Exceptional Student

               Education  programs and services.


Personnel Action Services

* (8)        Interview and select qualified personnel to be recommended for appointment.

* (9)        Supervise assigned personnel, conduct annual performance appraisals, and make                 recommendations for appropriate employment actions.

*(10)       Implement and administer negotiated employee contracts at the school site.

*(11)       Facilitate the development and implementation of an effective staff development


*(12)       Provide training opportunities and feedback to personnel at the assigned school.

*(13)       Assign tasks and supervise personnel in task accomplishment.

*(14)       Make difficult personnel decisions when necessary including dealing with ineffective

               teacher or  staff performance.


School Operations / Delivery Systems

*(15)       Supervise the operation, activities, and functions at the school site.

*(16)       Manage and supervise the school's financial resources including the preparation and

               disbursement of the school's budget and internal accounts.

*(17)       Establish and manage student accounting and attendance procedures at the assigned


*(18)       Supervise and monitor the accurate and timely completion of data collection and

                reporting  requirements.

*(19)       Write and disseminate newsletters, memos, letters, press releases, agendas, and other


*(20)       Use technology effectively.

*(21)       Coordinate school maintenance and facility needs and monitor progress toward

               meeting those needs.

*(22)       Monitor the custodial program at the school to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe

               learning  environment.

*(23)       Supervise transportation services at the assigned school.

*(24)       Coordinate the supervision of all extracurricular programs at the assigned school.


Student Support Services

*(25)       Facilitate a program of family and community involvement.

*(26)       Supervise the guidance program to ensure individual student educational and

               developmental  needs are addressed.

*(27)       Work with parents to resolve complaints or concerns.

*(28)       Serve as final arbitrator for serious discipline problems.

*(29)       Develop and maintain positive school / community relations and act as liaison between

               the two.

*(30)       Direct and develop the recruitment of Business Partners to benefit the school and


*(31)       Supervise transportation services at the assigned school.

*(32)       Coordinate the school food service program at the assigned school including the free

                and  reduced food service requirements.


Personal / Professional Employee Qualities

*(33)       Implement School Board policy, state statutes, and federal regulations as they pertain to

               the  assigned school.

*(34)       Model and maintain high standards of professional conduct.

*(35)       Set high standards and expectations for self, others, and school.

*(36)       Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals and groups to

                task an  accomplishment.

*(37)       Use effective communication techniques with students, teachers, parents, and


*(38)       Model effective listening and positive interaction skills.

*(39)       Participate in District management meetings and other activities to enhance

               professional  development.



*(40)       Provide leadership and direction for all aspects of the school's operation.

*(41)       Exercise proactive leadership in promoting the vision and mission of the District.

*(42)       Establish and actively pursue a vision and mission for the school in collaboration with

                staff,  parents, students, and other stakeholders.

*(43)       Build teams to accomplish plans, goals, and priorities.

*(44)       Promote / market the school and its priorities to the community.

*(45)       Facilitate and coordinate the development of the School's Improvement Plan.

*(46)       Initiate programs and organize resources to carry out the School Improvement Plan.

*(47)       Provide recognition and celebration for student, staff, and school accomplishments.

*(48)       Access District and community resources to meet school needs.

*(49)       Maintain visibility and accessibility on the school campus and at school-related

               activities and   events.

*(50)       Establish guidelines for proper student conduct and implement disciplinary procedures

               and  policies that ensure a safe and orderly environment.

*(51)       Anticipate difficult situations and develop plans to handle them.

*(52)       Establish procedures used in the event of school crisis and / or civil disobedience and

                provide leadership in the event of such incidents.

*(53)       Act quickly to stop possible breaches of safety, ineffective procedures, or interference

               with  operations.

*(54)       Deal with problems associated with change.

(55)         Perform other incidental tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position.




Medium Work:  Exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force and/or up to 10 pounds of force as needed to move objects.  In an emergency, worker may be required to restrain a physically active individual as a temporary safety precaution.




Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the District's approved compensation plan.  Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by the District.


Board approved: